ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

Originally wrote for logtop I just wrote a vt100 screen scraper that listen to a port and serve the screen over HTTP.

Basically, you want a `top` (or logtop ;-) ) to be displayed in your website back office ? But top outputs in your terminal and you don’t know how to capture it ? Use ashttp, like this :

$ ashttp -p 8080 top

And then just open the port 8080 with an HTTP client and enjoy (typing some F5…) :

You can find the code on my github.

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3 Responses to ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

  1. Sergei Lebedev says:

    Hello, neat idea! One suggestion though; we’ve open-sourced an *almost* complete implementation of “linux” terminal in pure Python a couple of month ago. Seems like a perfect match for `ashttp` — Any feedback is much appreciated :)

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