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emacs: Highlighting errors for c, python, and other languages

Hi ! Today we’ll see how to highlight syntax errors in emacs, with exemples for C and Python. First you should learn about flymake-mode here : In a nutshell Flymake is a minor mode to perform on the fly … Continue reading

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Emacs: replace tabs with spaces

When you want to replace tab with spaces or vice versa don’t use M-% (query-replace) but M-x tabify or M-x untabify. They work on the current selection so if you want it to be applied to a whole buffer, try … Continue reading

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Searching and replacing in emacs

Day two of my serie about emacs, about searching and replacing. Function name : isearch-forward Typical Key sequence : C-s How to get help : C-h f isearch-forward Usage : isearch-forward let you type a string to be searched incrementally … Continue reading

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Numeric arguments in emacs

I’m starting a ’emacs trick of the day’ sequence with : Function name : universal-argument Typical Key sequence : C-u How to get help : C-h f universal-argument Usage : C-u receive a numeric argument that is given to the … Continue reading

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