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ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

Originally wrote for logtop I just wrote a vt100 screen scraper that listen to a port and serve the screen over HTTP. Basically, you want a `top` (or logtop ;-) ) to be displayed in your website back office ? … Continue reading

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emacs: Highlighting errors for c, python, and other languages

Hi ! Today we’ll see how to highlight syntax errors in emacs, with exemples for C and Python. First you should learn about flymake-mode here : In a nutshell Flymake is a minor mode to perform on the fly … Continue reading

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Python: Introducing ppipe : Parallel Pipe

I’ll speak about my pipe python module so if you didn’t know it, you should first read the first aricle about pipes The idea behind ppipe (parallel pipe) is to transparently make a pipe async and or multithreaded. As multithreading … Continue reading

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Python: Consulting PEPs from command line, while being offline

One day I wished I could read PEPs in the tube on my laptop… so I searched for a convenient way to do so, and I didn’t found … So I wrote a very simple shell script you can found … Continue reading

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Pipe: Infix syntax for Python

Pipe is a Python module enabling infix syntax in Python. For those asking “Why ?” let’s take an example : Compare the readability of the classical prefix syntax : sum(select(where(take_while(fib(), lambda x: x < 1000000) lambda x: x % 2), … Continue reading

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