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ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

Originally wrote for logtop I just wrote a vt100 screen scraper that listen to a port and serve the screen over HTTP. Basically, you want a `top` (or logtop ;-) ) to be displayed in your website back office ? … Continue reading

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squid: (101) Network is unreachable when DNS returns IPv6

If you have a Squid proxy configured on a machine that have no IPv6 connectivity, and try to reach an IPv6 compatible site, you squid will try to reach the site using IPv6 (I use squid 3.1.6 from Debian Squeeze) … Continue reading

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nfsmount : rpc failed: 2

For those, here on the internet, asking themselves what is this f*cking `rpc failed: 2` while mounting an NFS, i’ts possible that teh response is here : Your NFS client, trying to mount the NFS share will use RPC to … Continue reading

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