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ashttp: vt100 screen scraping exported over HTTP

Originally wrote for logtop I just wrote a vt100 screen scraper that listen to a port and serve the screen over HTTP. Basically, you want a `top` (or logtop ;-) ) to be displayed in your website back office ? … Continue reading

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nfsmount : rpc failed: 2

For those, here on the internet, asking themselves what is this f*cking `rpc failed: 2` while mounting an NFS, i’ts possible that teh response is here : Your NFS client, trying to mount the NFS share will use RPC to … Continue reading

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Yauib : Yet another useless IRC Bot !

After 2 years of … non blogging … I’m back ! This time I stopped C# (Oh yeah !) and I’m writing a lot of Python ! (Oh YEAH !) So to say HELLO I’ll present something useless : My … Continue reading

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Exclude directories from recursive grep

How often are you using grep in subversionned folders like that : grep -rni foobar . | grep -v .svn Upgrade to grep 2.5.3 and use (alias it ?) grep -rni –exclude-dir .svn foobar . (or … stop using SVN … Continue reading

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