nfsmount : rpc failed: 2

For those, here on the internet, asking themselves what is this f*cking `rpc failed: 2` while mounting an NFS, i’ts possible that teh response is here :

Your NFS client, trying to mount the NFS share will use RPC to communicate with the serveur, il will go like :

> PORTMAP GETPORT(Program: NFS, Version: 3, Proto: TCP)
< PORTMAP Port: 2049 > PORTMAP GETPORT(Program: MOUNT, Version: 3, Proto: TCP)
< PORTMAP Port 49066 > MOUNT MNT(Program Version: 3, Path: /srv/nfsroot/ )
< MOUNT Reply error 2, "remote can't support version #", Program Version (Minimum): 1, Program Version (Maximum): 2 You can see that the response is "remote can't support version #" and we should have found this solution in the RFC 1831 (RPCv2) stating :

  Given that a call message was accepted, the following is the status
   of an attempt to call a remote procedure.

      enum accept_stat {
         SUCCESS       = 0, /* RPC executed successfully             */
         PROG_UNAVAIL  = 1, /* remote hasn't exported program        */
         PROG_MISMATCH = 2, /* remote can't support version #        */
         PROC_UNAVAIL  = 3, /* program can't support procedure       */
         GARBAGE_ARGS  = 4, /* procedure can't decode params         */
         SYSTEM_ERR    = 5  /* errors like memory allocation failure */

So the problem is you client is asking for a NFS version greater that your server runs … but if your server is running NFS v3, check a `ps aux | grep [r]pc.mountd` for :

root 1411 0.0 0.0 18808 1036 ? Ss Apr15 0:00 /usr/sbin/rpc.mountd –manage-gids –no-nfs-version 3

Did you catch the –no-nfs-version 3 ? If your server is compiled with NFSv3 support, drop the –no-nfs-version 3 in your configuration and it should work !

Enjoy !

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7 Responses to nfsmount : rpc failed: 2

  1. Delfador says:


  2. Simon says:

    Hey thanks for your post. My diskless workstations all of a sudden just stopped working and this was the issue. For anyone running Unbutu check out /etc/init.d/nfs-kernel-server on your NFS server machine. On or around line 104 you’ll see the following:

    RPCMOUNTDOPTS=”$RPCMOUNTDOPTS –no-nfs-version 3″

    Simply change it to:

    RPCMOUNTDOPTS=”$RPCMOUNTDOPTS ” #–no-nfs-version 3″

    Thanks guys.

  3. jean says:

    Many thanks…. very useful

  4. Fco says:

    Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hotfortech says:

    Hi, thanks man!
    Your post was right on the money and helped my solved my problem. Good background info too.

    THANKS :)

  6. panreyes says:

    Thanks! You also helped me!

    It seems that “rpcinfo” binary has disappeared for some reason.

    In my case I commented those lines:
    # $PREFIX/bin/rpcinfo -u localhost nfs 3 >/dev/null 2>&1 ||
    # RPCMOUNTDOPTS=”$RPCMOUNTDOPTS –no-nfs-version 3″

  7. Johnd368 says:

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