The art of Events

The art of using events to build more independent classes.
/* Found a better example */
Imagine you have a class A and a class B.
A builds B, and B have to communicate with A (call methods … ?)
Some developers (Boooo (I’ve done it … (Booo >> me))) will pass a reference of A to B
“A(){B my_B = new B(this);}” /* Please note the newB private joke */
But what happens when you want an other class, C, who don’t know A to build B ?

So we have to remove the A’s reference in the B ctor.
How B should communicate now ?
– Using Events !
B exposes an event, the builder of B can register on it.
– B can speak to A throwing this event.
– Every class can build a B, and can, if it needs, register on its events, doing whatever he wants when the event is thrown.
B is now fully reusable !

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